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The Diligent Search Department is responsible for locating original allottees or heirs that were not located by the Probate, Claims, or Payment departments. Once an individual is placed on the Diligent Search List, The Diligent Search Locator has two years to locate that individual. If the original allotte or heir can not be located, according to Section 8(e)(f) of the WELSA Act, all monetary compensation is disbursed back to the White Earth Band. If you have any information regarding any person or persons on the Diligent Search List please contact our office as soon as possible. The individuals listed below may be living or deceased.


Bruce Anderson
Joan Beaulieu
Archie Bellanger
Melvin Bellanger
Paulein Kim Benford AKA Kimberly
Marilyn Benzinger Tinsley
Karen Louise Berg
Pamela Bettin
Patricia Louise Blocker
Robert Orlin Blue
Dave Booth III
Darrel G. Boswell
Phemie Boutwell Mac Laren
Gerald Justin Boswell
Robyn M. Bradshaw
John Perry Bradshaw
Marlene Bradshaw
Eugene P. Brisbois
Carmen Ritta Brown
Charlene Renee Brown
Flora Mae Stone Brown
Gerda Herta Brown AKA Benjamin J. Brown
Kenneth Quentin Brown
Jeffrey Damion Brown
Elaine Brown
Dennis Brown
Charles John Bush, SR
Carmen Butler
Ernest Ryan Butler Spadino
Jaqueline Sue Carlson
Donna Carpenter
Renee J. Christianson
Tamara Cloud
Edna V. Cluff
June Crumley
Evelyn Rose Culbertson
Robert A. Dofflemyer
Edward Ducharm
Regina D. Imel
Melanie Imel
Patricia A. Jackson Fox
Dennis Jenni
Jeffrey Jenni
Amanda Jenni
Barbara Ann Johnston
Gene M. Keezer
Michelle Kimball
Phillip W. Laduke
Antoine Kevin LaFramboise
Lyle E. LaFramboise
John Raymond LaFriniere
Laurie K. Lambert-Knorr Bellanger
John Albert Lang
Edward LaRose
Nancy C. Larson
Alton Wade Left Hand
Jason Left Hand
Catherine LeQuier
George LeQuier
Ricky J. Leu
Beverly Ann Libby
Vernita Lofthus
Marilyn Lopez
Raymond C. Lopez
Keith V. Lufkins
Wayne Lufkins
Dennis Lufkins
Lynn Janelle Lyons
Warren George Lyons
Anthony Garret Madison
Karen ManyPenny
Daniel Alan Markie
Darlene Kaye McGee
Victoria Lynn Morris
Robert Lee Nickaboine
Alfred Darren Patrick AKA Darren Littlejohn
Destry Peake
Raymond Persinger
Andrew R. Torgenson
Melvin George Towle
Herman B. Trotterchaude
Renard Trotterchaude
Reva Trotterchaude
Denise K. Vargason
Merlyn Wayne Vezina
Ronald Darrel Vezina
Ronald Villebrun Jr.
Irene Bernice Wade Benjamin
Lawrence E. Wade Jr.
Ruby Weaver
Sarita White
Dixie Marie Wilson Kamimura
Barbara Ann Windom Smith
Jerold Winter

Onawa W. Dunn
Chastity Nicole Dyer
Daniel Engelke
Donald Engelke
William Kenneth Engelke
Isabelle Engelke Warren
Cynthia Ann Fairbanks
Michael Fairbanks
Nickolas Dean Fairbanks
Leslie Fairbanks
Priscilla Fairbanks
Debra Folstrom
Darrel R. Folstrom
Jacob John Folstrom
Debra Lynn Fox Bucholtz
Richard Wayne Fox
Orlin James Fox
Janet Y. Fox
Patricia Elaine Gilbertson
Dean Merle Glass
Gloria Jean Goodwin
Dawn Renee Greene
Guy Israel Greene
Gordon Louis Gruette
Claudio Godinez Gunino
Michael William Hafner
Teresa Mary Hall
Peter W. Hallet
Sherald J. Hanks
Margaret Hanks Ahbedaush
Barbara A. Hanks
Karla K. Hardy
David Havron
Brian Edward Henry
Robert Dean Hill
Barbara J. Hodges
Jeffrey Holstein
Rocky K. Imel
Wendy Lou Peterson
Angela Pierson Kondos
Shirley June Potts
Gary Duane Quarles
Josephine Randberg
Tammy Reuwer
George Reynolds Jr.
Jacqueline Rivera
Sarah Rodriguez
Charles Rogers Jr.
William George Delmer Rossbach Jr.
Denise M. Rupcic Pendzich
Lula Mae Sailor
Ron M.Sailor
Bruce Schmitz
Janice Marie Shaugobay
Ruth Ann Shaugobay
Virginia A. Smith Moon
Patrick Theodore Smith
Ronda E. Smith
Leonard Allen Smith
Anna May Smith Elliot-Eagan
Gerald Benedict St. John
Jean M. Stafford
Evelyn N. Staples
Gloria A. Starkey Ottershaw
Chad Phillip Stay
Keith Lyle Stay
Janice Joy Stephenson
Flora Mae Stone Brown
Patrick Mark Suedel
William L. Taylor
Michael P. Terrien
John Charles Thomas
Frances Murray Thompson
Izola Thompson
Candace Thompson
Laura Thompson
Marilyn Tinsley Berzinger
Sandra Renee Todd Durant

If you have any information on any of the names listed, please contact Shannon Braford, Diligent Search Locater at 1-888-760-6222. Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00-4:30pm, Central Standard Time.

WELSA accepts no liability for the contents of this website, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided.

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